Pavel Izmailov

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I am a Research Scientist at OpenAI, working on superintelligent AI alignment. I study how weak labelers can supervise (align) much stronger models. I also work on training more interpretable large language models.

Starting in Fall 2024, I will be joining NYU as an Assistant Professor in the Tandon CSE department, and Courant CS department by courtesy. I am also a member of the NYU CILVR Group.

I am hiring PhD students to work with me at NYU starting Fall 2024. Please apply to the PhD program in the CSE department (deadline on December 1) or the CS department (deadline on December 12) and mention my name in your application. You are welcome to email me at with your CV and short description of your research interests. Admissions happen through a centralized committee.

Due to a high volume of applications, I will be unable to respond to all emails! Please do not be discouraged if you do not hear back from me.

My research interests are broadly in understanding how deep neural networks work. I am excited about a broad array of topics in core machine learning, including:

You can see some of my representative publications below.

Our work on Bayesian model selection was recently recognized with an Outstanding Paper Award 🏆 at ICML 2022!


Selected Papers